Great List Of Resources From Nick Moore

With permission from Nick Moore, below is a post he made in the Facebook group ‘Merch Momentum – Merch By Amazon’.. it’s a great list of resources (some I have used and some I am going to try out now)

I personally would like to add as a great tool to analyse sales.

Here is Nick’s list:

For all of you out there who just got accepted here is a quick list of the various extensions and websites that I use in my everyday work. It’s… a lot. But I find each useful for a different reason. I just wrote this out for a friend who was recently accepted to give him a head start. Hope you find it useful. And please, list anything you use too so we can all learn!

Pretty Merch Extension (Chrome Extesion) – shows simple dashboard of sales as home page.
Merch Advanced Analytics Extension (Chrome Extesion) – detailed analysis of sales. Best is being able to see those not selling. Use Link Chump to open those in separate tabs to quickly edit.

Merch Lister Pro (Chrome Extesion) – once past 10 uploads a day you’ll want this to list much faster
Link Clump (Chrome Extesion) – open several tabs at once
OneTab (Chrome Extesion) – Can open multiple create or edit tabs then with Onetab you can collapse those into a group. So next time you need to add 10 shirts you simply open that Onetab group and boom you have 10 tabs opened to the create page.
Google Sheets & Google Drive – To share a spreadsheet of designs and keywords with your designer and copywriter when you start outsourcing. Designer uploads designs to Google Drive.

Unicorn Smasher (Chrome Extesion) – use to find best sellers in a niche and the keywords they use
Merch Research Free (Chrome Extesion) – search a phrase on Amazon and other POD’s quickly and do keyword research.
DS Quick View (Chrome Extesion) – see BSR on listing page
Keepa (Chrome Extesion) – shows BSR graph on product page – useful to see if BSR is due to steady sales or one large sale
Merch Momentum Newsletter – Michael Essany is a level 10 Merch Jedi Ninja. Pay for his newsletter. Just do it.
Merch Informer – I’m not sold on the usefulness of this. Personally, using Pinterest, Instagram, Amazon itself, and now Essany’s newsletter are way easier and more effective methods for me. The thing I should use more is the trademark checker. That is probably the most valuable thing.

SEO Guide
Merchant Words
Keyword Inspector – specifically the suggestion tool. Use the filter to select only clothing categories then search main phrase or keywords. Export to Excel and sort by longest. Then look those up on Merchant Words for search frequency. Boom!
Sonar Tool – sometimes helpful but the above method is bread and butter.
Plain ol Thesaurus
Related Words

TRADEMARK: (check EVERYTHING!!!) – checks TM’s on clothing only. – the long way of checking but the official website
Merch Check or Merch Protect – testing these now, have found some discrepancies so still have to double check still. But the idea is so good that I’m keeping my eye on them.

OUTSOURCING: – best due to reliable affordable designers/VA work. But cost some $$.
Upwork – not my preferred method but I used this when I was strapped for cash. Just SO much harder to find decent work. You have to really screen candidates

Loom extension – for recording video’s to your VA’s/designers.

Thanks for the use of this list Nick!

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