Create Landing Pages For Specific Groups Of Your Shirts

So for this tip, you will need the master ASIN’s for the shirts you want to group onto a single search results page.  Since I don’t want to show my own designs on here I am going to use some of the top selling merch shirts listed on Merch Informer.

First the ‘magic’ URL…

(If you have an Amazon associate account add your ID tag like this: but for this example we will use the basic base URL above.)

You will add one or more master ASIN’s to the end of it, seperated with commas.  Master ASIN is the one that shows when you go to your item, before choosing and sizes or colors…

So for example this top listed Merch shirt:

(you can check it out now… before everyone freaks out it looks like this is an actual licensed Star Wars shirt.. see the Star Wars logo for the brand name?)

So the master ASIN is  B077NMWD7C.  You can find it in 2 places…

So we add that to the Base URL and get: 

Click to Enlarge




If you try that link above you will get this.





Now we will add some more shirts…  we will add

(again, not my shirts. these are the top 5 merch shirts right now according to Merch Informer)

So our base link becomes:,B0756MLZF2,B075KRMKTR,B075CW3WLJ,B0721R7V17

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That link gives us this:






Once you have the landing page set-upto your liking you should take that URL and paste it into… that is Google’s URL shortener… I did this and got this short URL

So there you go… want to promote a select variety of your shirts.. follow the above then take that short url and use it in ads or social media… wherever… you may want to create several google short urls and use a unique one in each promotion… shows you the click trafic so you can also gain a little insite which promotons generate the most traffic to yoru shirts!

Let em know if you have any questions or comments.


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